NLADA solicits proposals that will be of interest to a substantial number of the 700 to 800 conference participants, who include: civil legal aid and defender program staff members (leaders, managers, attorneys, paralegals, social workers, investigators, fundraisers, technologists, and others); program board members and clients; and activists in state justice communities. These advocates are eager to take home new information, skills, and contacts to their communities. We encourage proposals for sessions designed to bring together civil, defender, client, and board attendees around issues of common concern.

If your session will cover ethics issues, the proposal should include a discussion about the ethical issues inherent in the session topic.

Workshops selected through this RFP process will be offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the Annual Conference, December 7, 8, and 9.

Session Length:

All training sessions must be 90 minutes in duration.

Session Description:

The description you include with your proposal should include enough information about the workshop to help NLADA staff understand what you propose to cover and make a decision on whether or not to include the workshop in our program. Include a summary of what will be covered, specific learning objectives you have, any takeaways for attendees, and any other information that you think will be useful. We are particularly interested in fresh approaches to how sessions are presented and will look especially for proposals of sessions that are interactive. This description will not necessarily be the final description that we include in the conference program.


You do not have to submit presenter names with your proposal, but including a list of proposed presenters will also help us evaluate your proposal. After you create your session, click on the "Add Presenter" link to create a separate profile for each presenter. If you as session leader will also be a presenter, you should create a presenter profile for yourself and list yourself as a presenter. Our system does not automatically assume the session leader will also be a presenter.

Diversity of Presenters:

Please consider diversity of conference participants and our community as a whole when arranging the presenters and the content for your session. We strongly believe that the quality of the conference depends on the affirmative inclusion of presenters who are women and people of color and who reflect a diversity of views, expertise, regional background, and experience. Thank you for making the extra effort to develop a diverse faculty.

Submitting Your Proposal:

Once you are ready to begin your proposal, go to the "My Account" page to log in or create a user profile if you have not used this system in the past. After you log in, click on the "Create Session" link on the right side of the page to get started. Complete all the required fields on the form. At the bottom of the Create Session form, you'll see a "Save" button. Once you click that button, your proposal will be submitted to NLADA for review. You can always go back and edit or add information to your proposal. To do so, click on "View Submissions," click on the title of the session you want to edit, and then, on the next screen, choose the "edit" tab to make changes to your proposal. Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.


Proposals are due no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on June 2, 2017. If your proposal is chosen, as session leader you will be responsible for submitting additional workshop information, including a final title, description, and presenter bios by August 31, 2017.